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DOWNLOADS - What does that mean?

Echoes of the Past is in the nostalgia business. We want to bring important memories into your world.

But we understand that, whilst you may have a hankering for a particular sign or logo, there is just no way you can justify the premium price involved. Or you may wish to have a lot of signs to put up in your space, and your budget just won't stretch quite that far.

We have a solution for you. DOWNLOADS.

For just a few bucks, you can download sign designs that will print up to around A3 in size.


SAVE the download.


PRINT at home. Or take it to your friendly local office supplies barn and get them to print a poster and laminate it too.

For the price of one metal sign, you can scatter around heaps of A3 laminated signs on the walls of your space that are robust and will last for years.

Other ideas...

  • Stickers

  • Coffee Mugs

  • T-shirts

  • Cake Toppers

  • Facebook posts

  • Email graphics

  • Website graphics.



  1. Select which sign you wish to download from the $2 DOWNLOADS range.

  2. Add to your shopping cart.

  3. Fill in the key details, the most important being your email address, because this is where the link to your download will be sent.

Within minutes of the completion of your transaction, your Download link will appear in your email box.

Just Save the file somewhere safe on your hard drive, and that download is yours with no limits on how many times you want to print it.

We recommend you save the file because the email link will expire after 30 days.

Simple. And a great deal.

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