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Our replica signs are manufactured using dye-sublimation processes. The image is printed directly onto an aluminium composite panel (ACP) with a lamination coat for long term protection.

Overall thickness is 3mm.

It makes a light yet robust sign.

Holes can be drilled for mounting

in each corner and/or at a

maximum 1 metre interval.


These ACP's are manufactured

to current sign-writing industry

standards and are best practice

in the sign industry today. They have

a projected 6-7 years outdoor life and an indefinite life indoors. 

There is no confusing these panels with the porcelain/steel originals and cannot be considered anything but replicas.


Our signs are big. Why?

Signs are meant to be seen - that's why. We feel that large dimensions honour the art and craftsmanship of the genuine article.

Our smallest sign size is 900mm in length.

Our largest sign size is 2400mm x 1200mm.

Each sign is available in different sizes but some designs are restricted to the smallest size.

Size options are clearly indicated for each sign on each product page.

To gain a quick view of our collection of the largest signs, go to THE AWESOME COLLECTION. These are our 1200mm sign range. 

Aluminium Composite Board.jpg


Within Australia

Freight for signs up to 1200mm is a flat fee of $14.00 per order, anywhere in Australia.



Freight for signs ups to 1200mm is a flat fee of $25.00, anywhere in the world (local restrictions permitting).


Signs over 1200mm required wooden crating to protect them in transit. Please select the destination area that matches your delivery address. This price will include the freight cost.


The online market is flooded with inexpensive 20cm x 30cm plaques, complete with fake rust, dirt and bullet holes. We choose not to adulterate our product in this way. Patina is earned. 

PRICING & QUALITY - Are we good value?

Metal printing is new technology offering affordable, quality prints. Plus we display a specialised range of designs.  


Our prices are comparable with canvas stretched prints. Paper posters may be cheaper but require framing and glass to protect them which adds to the cost.


Our signs are ready to hang and do not require framing. They are tough and robust.

The dye-sub process is more luminous than paper posters. The colours just leap from the panel. 

So, yes, they offer great value and convenience as well as superior image quality.


Michelin Cards 600x900 Print.jpg
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