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Join our Affiliate Program and earn money for your Club or Organisation.

The Club receives 10% commission from ALL purchases within their Echoes of the Past Affiliate portal.

Clubs can also have a private page to display Club Regalia items. This page is only visible to club members. The 10% commission still applies.

A comprehensive web-based Dashboard is provided for Club executives to view all Visits and Sales by their members. The dashboard contains all commission payments made and owing which is great for Treasurers.

Their are NO Fees and NO upfront outlay.

Clubs simply promote and paste the unique Portal Link provided into their Newsletter, Website, Facebook page or Instagram. When a member uses the link a banner at the top of the screen indicates that this is your Club link.

To Register your Club as an Affiliate, simply Click the link below:

If you have any questions or would like more information, please phone Sue on 0417 770 766.

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