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Who are we?

We are people who love cars. We love the history, restoration, racing, showing and driving of cars. We are authentic car people. But we're also sign people. The History of the Car bristles with thousands of signs, logos, badges and banners. We treat all these with enthusiasm to create great show pieces and talking points for any garage, mancave, rumpus room, pool room or office.
There is a romance in historical signage...evoking memories.
We revere these signs by producing them using the latest, highest quality printing technology available Our prices are competitive with other media, such as canvas, and other large format printing. But our signs are Metal - as robust and long lasting as the originals.

We reproduce signs to look like the day they were made, to evoke the feeling of the times, to echo the past, as if you were there. And we refuse to make them look old. No fake scratches or rust. No patina that wasn't earned. We leave that to the original collectors signs you might buy at auction for $thousands, or are lucky enough to find in a garage sale.

Our signs are high quality reproductions that stand for themselves. But most of all, we make them BIG. Signs are made to be seen... Across the garage. Across the street.

Our signs are available in hard-wearing Metal with multiple sizes. There is a product to suit every budget.

We have a comprehensive range of signs. Mostly they mirror the history of the automobile, but you will discover some iconic designs from other industries as well. 

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Contact Info

If you have a question or have an idea for a sign, please contact Sue or Tony.

Phone:    0417 770 766
Address: Beaumont Hills, Sydney, Australia


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